About Us

Hi I’m Sandra I am the founder and Head Coach at Raw Body Fitness.

Who am I?  Well... I'm a country girl at heart who thrives on the benefits of health and fitness.  I have always been an active person from a young age, from being highly active in local and school sports as a kid, to competing at high levels in gymnastics, swimming and diving right up to High School age.  More recently in my late 30's after having my 3 children I competed in multiple endurance events which had me travelling to the US and putting my body through some of the most extreme endurance events on the planet.  My last major event was in November 2017 and I now dedicate my professional life to helping transform those who are ready and willing to make significant changes to their lifestyle.  My vision for Raw Body Fitness was always to provide a service above and beyond that offered by your usual, everyday trainer or coach.

My interest in personal training and coaching as a career came to light in 2005, after hiring a personal trainer for myself.  It was clear from the beginning I had found my passion and I made the decision to remove myself from my 6 year career in Real Estate to start my new journey.  Personal training changed me and I soon realized I had this natural gift to connect with people on a level that is far greater than just the physical fitness aspect of this industry.  One of my motto's is "I don't scratch the surface" which was the main inspiration around the scratch marks in my logo.  You will often also hear or see me referred to as 'Coach Sandra D', D being the beginning of my birth surname.

I am a fiercely protective and proud mum of three very energetic young boys.  They always keep me on my toes and I definitely know what it’s like to have a busy life.  This is why I take time to understand my clients, their personal and professional commitments and the aspects of their lifestyle they simply cannot compromise on.  I then develop programs which are very specific and uniquely tailored to them, with achievable goals and a clear pathway to the results they seek.

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer with 12 years of experience.  I lead a very healthy lifestyle with my 3 boys, and of course at times I love connecting with friends and family with the occasional indulgence.

After spending many years training for my own events I understand discipline, grit and mental toughness after experiencing some of the most physically and mentally demanding ultra endurance events on the planet.  There are no secrets to my coaching style and I do not endorse fad diets.  What you will get from me is education, encouragement and the raw truth about what work you need to do to get the desired results you are after.  You will be challenged and at times pushed to your limits, but it's all part of the journey to "Be the Change You Seek".  I look forward to meeting you.

With love and gratitude,  Coach Sandra D

Certified Personal Trainer Cert IV
First Aid Qualified
FMA Certified (Functional Movement Australia) Strength & Conditioning Coach